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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Losing my Asianity

It's normally easy to slide in and live amongst the 'natives' - Having dark skin and darker hair makes me practically Asian. By default. And some times I can even use chopsticks... But in the Philippines, all that's changed. I now stick out like a sore thumb - but it's mostly a sore foot that's done the damage!!

I've been 'disabled' for 2 weeks today and I take my hat off to people with real disabilities because it's not easy having people constantly asking "what happened to your foot?" and feeling sorry for you and it especially  sucks with a big backpack and a bigger teddy bear... To put it in perspective, I walk so weirdly that most people don't even notice the teddy... But if there's one place where you can rest and enjoy prettynesses, it's the Philippines... apart from all the walking and missioning and adventuring and exploring that lures you away from recovery!

There's the magical waters... and corals and clams and...

Rehab for clams

And a plethora of waterfalls...

And the people are nice and friendly....

The transport's ALL colourful...

And only a little uncomfortable... 

And karaoke bars can be found in almost anyone's back yard!

The landscape's absolutely perfect [for looking at, not s much for travelling over]

The chocolate hills, Bohol

Apart from the spiders, most of the animals are cute and cuddly!

The food's interesting and even when it's not particularly tasty, there's always fresh chilli about to help

You can get a massage just about anywhere for under $5 

They have real beer ... unlike China's 2.5 - 3.3% 

Philoppino's version of Maccers is the Jolibee and you can have great spaghetti for breakfast!

The beaches are perfect (both the black and the white ones - I'm not a rascist)

There's hot springs and cold springs and volcanoes and...

And other strange things you stumble across... (including the best fire poi I've ever seen, done by a 6 year old)

Miss teen

The sunken cemetery
And every day the sunset's more perfect than the last!

With my foot almost functional again I might even go ponder up a volcano in the morning (it's only a 7 hour walk) and then there's the other 7103 islands of the Philippines I have yet to see... It's the kind of place that can suck you in forever... At this rate, it might!

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