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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Becoming a Vegetarian : The Bottom of the Food Chain

For 8 days, 8 hours and 16 minute I've resided at the bottom of the food chain. I've become a vegetarianist.

What used to be dinner:
Hanoi, Vietnam... and no, I didn't actually eat this...
Now feasts on  me:

And I'm sure you're thinking that I'm overreacting, but it took less than 3 days to get this:

And there's nothing that quite makes you reconsider your life choices as a good chomp at your man size calves...but I did get a free tetanus shot and antibiotics and pain killers out of the indecent (maybe even free rabies) and they say the best things in life are free...

After all, I came to Borneo to be a vegetarian, and a vegetarianist I shall at least attempt to be. 

Along with my new found [mandatory] love for veggies has come other lifestyle changes too:
(because if you're going to change, you may as well do it drastically)

Some of them temporary:

A vast increase in luggage

Reverting back to conventional transport - it broke down an hour later. It didn't get fixed!
And some of them long term:
 (and by this I mean months... not days or hours - MONTHS!)

I'm no longer a homeless gypsy

 I no longer have only a dirty Teddy for company

I no longer lurk in brothel-like accommodations
That is actual poo running down the pipe of our 'delux' en-suite bathroom in Uzbekistan
An email I received a couple of months back made me reroute my quest for Spain land (

And led me to a life of luxury (albeit currently in a boat yard) aboard my new home, the Fiddler

She's headed West, via South Africa, to the Caribbean (which is only a minor detour really).

And aboard her I will hopefully learn the art of sailing and deck handing and overcoming sea sickness and see a world of beautifulnesses that few have the opportunity to see .

And even though I'm required to be a vegetarian whilst onboard (which I'm trying out properly - if you're going to try something, you may as well give it a real go) it's an incredible opportunity I couldn't possibly pass up.

And it gets better too, the crew's amazing and they don't even slightly appear to be human traffickers or psycho-killers

Captain Kirk's the bearded wonder at the back, and Jim's  the crazy face at the front
The rest have been hard at work painting, scraping, washing and ensuring I won't be shipwrecking a second time in a year 
And that's a lot of change rolled into one, but exciting things lay ahead and if I can survive 8 days as a vegetarian without even being a little bit dead(apart from the hole in my leg), I think I'll be okay - now I just have to adapt to a life of luxury

And seeing as it's just gone 02h30 I really should be getting to bed - today's [hopefully] launch day.

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