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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Good Life

You need a change of job. Or maybe just a job.
You need to lose weight. And build muscle.
You need more friends. Less enemies.
You need more hours in a day.
You need less distractions.

More adventures. More money to afford adventures. More leave. More time.
Hell, you need to find the one. Your life partner. That person that will complete you. And, of course, adventure with you.

You want to be rich. Or at least richer.
You want chocolate.

Free time. Laughing. Hugs. Singing. Dancing. 
Sunshine. Yes. Wine. Good coffee. Unsuspected random acts of kindness. 
Tears of joy. 
Exercise. Giving. Challenges. Music. 
Hammocks. Cowbell. Trust. 

Worry. Pain. Suffering. Wasted time. Crappy TV. 
Guilt. Blobbing. Social Media. Loneliness. 
No. Pirates. Unfriendly sharks. 
Diets. Regrets. Boredom. Gossip. Crappy pop music. 
Rules. Red robots. Fillings. 

Stop wanting more. Stop thinking about all the things you need. Focus on what you have.

The good life starts when you stop wanting a better one.

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