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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wealth, Wonder and Weddings

It's a bit of a shock to the system when you're bolted from a life of scummy hotels and squating with rodents and bedbugs and street food to perfection. And I don't use this word loosely either. Koh Samui was perfection.

...I arrived at the wedding at the exact same time as the bridal precession began the decent onto the picturesque beach - just before sunset. (45 minutes late... but that's another story). And wow... I thought I was immune to 'mushy' things but as Deborah Leigh Morris took Philip James Something-with-a-C-or-K to be her lawful wedded husband I sobbed like a little girly girl. I couldn't have been happier for them and the love they find in each other.

... But Let me rewind a little...

After having all my underwear (and other personal belongings) stolen, I was in great form at the bachelorette - smelly, sweaty and miserable. A few friendly familiar faces later all the bad was history and hugs and thai food were to be overly gorged on... Before taking time to remember why we'de all come together in the first place... alcohol... I mean, Debbie... that girl's an absolute ledgend and if you don't know her you should...

Day 2 on Koh Samui became a mad rush to finalise wedding presents and in the process I met a lovely hair dresser who spoke no the English. She washed my hair about 18 times (clearly I needed it) and as a result of no speaking the English,  I am now the proud owner of a fringe. I'm still trying to work out what to with it...

I spent a good portion of the afternoon trying to find my hotel again and then proceeded to get lost on the way to the wedding... So despite cycling almost 1000 km, hitching, bussing, boating and tuk tuking for three weeks... I still didn't make it quite on time. But as I watched the sky light up with wish balloons sailing off into the halo-ed sky, nothing else mattered right then. I'd made it. They'd wed. And the world was exactly as it should be (even if everyone sported an afro by the end of a sweaty night on the dance floor and ended up jumping in the ocean to finish the night... like I said perfection!)

Debs and Phil you guys are legends and I would travel twice as far to see you guys unite again... Mya your lies together be brilliantful and epic and go on forever!

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