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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What's Next??

So what's next??

I'm clueless - stumped - bewildered and desperately in need of motivation, inspiration, and challengisation. And for this I need you... yes, that's right - YOU!

Come Thursday I'll have my Chinese visa and be free to rome the world and move onwards - but I have no idea how.

I could carry on cycling, but after 1563 km I'm getting too close to 1000 miles and that sounds far too much like a Vanessa Carlton song for my liking. Besides, what Google tells me separates me from mum's house in China is 1000s of hills and I detest uphills on a bike almost as much as I dislike tomatoes (which is a lot).

I could resort back to conventional travelling, but I think that may destroy the fragmented remains of my soul.

There's walking, but google informs me that this will take me 1 month and 24 days and that excludes sleeping...

Motorbikes aren't allowed into China. Neither are horses or water buffalo or tractors or cars or armoured vehicles or tanks...

And so this is why I need your help. Fresh perspective. Creativity. Madness. I've looked at this from almost every angle and I'm afraid I come out the loser every time... I need that new challenge to get me from Thailand, through Laos and into China and I'm not leaving until you give it to me.

Any suggestions welcome. My future's in your hands so start suggestionisng now... ok? Great! I look forward to it!

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