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Friday, January 10, 2014

Lessons learned in the year 2000 and last year...

With 2013 came oldness and with oldness came more grey hair and with more grey hair comes more wisdom and wisdom should be shared... Here's what I learned last year... Maybe, just maybe, this helps you in 2014...although it probably won't...

1) shoelaces are not suitable for human consumption

2) not all pirates are friendly

3) tampons can cause death in both men and woman and are a favoritest amongst the items that pirates will loot when they pillage your boat

4) a giant teddy bear does not always make the ideal travel buddy. Especially when it comes to long distance cycling and mountain climbing....

5) you can make as many perfectly formed plans as you like, but life will lead you down a very random path regardless, normally in the wrong direction

6) you can't die if you have travel insurance

7) life's always better barefoot

8) vegetarians are people too

9) it's better to be heart broken than to be the one smashing up other people's hearts 

10) it doesn't matter how many times a day you accidentally rub chilli in your eye, it hurts EVERY time

11) the more you lick, the more you live

12) South Africans are probably the nicest people in the whole world

13) every good day begins with [chilli] coffee and ends with a sundowner

14) beer pong's more fun when you play with your mum

15) Cape Town is the most beautiful city in the world and is both the best and most dangerous place to be for Sunday night shenanigans

16) some parents have weird taste in the clothes they bestow on their offspring 

17) be careful who takes your picture, you never know what it might be used for

18) there is no "we" in "ice-cream"

19) get as many hugs as you can every single day, but be careful when in French territory because when you go in for the hug and they go in for the mandatory double cheek kiss, it often ends awkwardly

20) there is no cure for the travel bug

21) you can only die once, so make sure that you go out doing something awesome (in a very very very very long time that is) and remember life is short; go on holiday!

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