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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Travel the World, Lick Things, Be Super-human

Licking a friend

Licking a camper van
Licking the ruflasia, Malaysia

What have you licked lately?

I ask this because statistically (probably... I think, maybe) us humans don't lick enough. We see things and hear things and smell things and touch things all the time, even in our sleep - but licking we tend to save for meal times and the occasional hottie/ life partner or face-plant.

People are always going on about the acquisition of sixth senses, but do you even use all five??

Now I suppose you're nodding to yourself, saying yes yes (or "jaaaa" if you're Dutch, German or Afrikaans), getting bored and about to close this and give up reading blogs forever, but think about this carefully - you've seen the Eiffel tower have you? Your bosses new suit? The great wall of China? Chairman Mao? The neighbour's cat? Sydney Opera House? Nelson Mandela? A beached killer whale? The Northern Lights? A lion? I'm sure you can remember what they looked like, but what did they taste like??

Wouldn't life be great if we enjoyed it with ALL our senses?

Licking a strawberry

Licking a hollow tree - Fraser Island

Licking a stolen lifeguard speedo, Moomoolama

Licking a Maccers sign, Aus

Licking a Wallabee, Brisbane

Licking sulpher, Ijen, Indonesia

Licking a memorial tree, somewhere

Licking a giant beer bottle, Ethiopia

Licking a white thing, Bangkok, thailand

Licking Teddy into existance, Hawks Nest, Australia

Licking my rice snow man

Licking my Kiwi

Licking a war memorial, Australia

Licking a statue, Auttaya, Thailand

Licking an unsuspecting Korean

Licking my old camper van, Karla goodbye

Licking  a Kiwi

Licking a random pole on the top of a mountain

Licking a diseased goat

licking a chicken

Licking a dog

Licking a Japanese person

Licking a horse

Licking the sacred survivor statuet on Tiga island

Licking a cat

Licking a hand statuet, Wanaka - NZ

Licking a tractor

Licking the Sydney Opera house

Licking an Ice cream, Chengdu, China

Licking the Petronas Towers, KL, Malaysia

Licking the rain, Sydney, Austrlia
 And don't just take my word for it, other people lick too:

Licking an African statuet

Licking a beer boep

Licking my brother's calf muscle - it's slightly hairier than mine

Licking a police car
Licking the Jollybee, Philipines
Licking a durex narwal

I give you here a mere 'taste' of the lickable world that is out there... and one simple challenge: Lick more!

Ever wondered what the person sitting next to you tastes like? Right now's the time to find out!

There's a whole world out there for the licking! - It's up to you to taste it!

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