The Adventures of a Part Time Professional Gypsy (and her ginormous teddy thing)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Dear mom; I'm an addict

Dear mom

I know you’ve always told me to steer away from drugs but I got really really high the other day and had one of those epiphanies that only really happens under the influence of somewhat very illegal substances. Life suddenly made sense and as I soared through the air and the world swirled around me and I floated about in a dream, I saw clearly for the first time in almost forever…

Now mom, before you go and hop on a plane back to South Africa (which you will probably do regardless) and come sentence me to a nunnery, the indoors, and a diet of barley green and carrot juice or worse; I’ll try explain…

I’ve been living in one town for almost 4 months, working the first set hours (08h30 to 17h30) job of my life with the fewest housemates (1.25 and a giant dirty teddy bear) I’ve ever had in my life and well I’m sure you can understand how, under these dire circumstances, escapism might be necessary?

I think is the only housemate picture we have...

I tried living real life on the wild side – brushing my teeth extra vigorously before milk; breaking into the neighbour’s house [over the third storey balcony] to use their washing machine; doing my grocery shopping in my pjs… but it’s not quite enough.

And I’m sure for what I am about to say, you need to remember that you are partly to blame as I inherited your genes…
… Mom, there’s no easy way to say this but [make sure you are sitting down for this one] I’m an adventure addict! And proud of it.

As I ran and jumped off Signal Hill on Wednesday it suddenly hit me that adrenalin and adventure are the drugs that make it worthwhile getting up in the morning.

The first half of the 2013 has vanished in a blink of mediocrity, but part two will be epic! I have decided to get high for a living!

I love you so much and hope you’re up for more adventure yourself!
You’re fully living [and planning on staying that way] daughter
X0X0 Adeena

Ps: I bought a scooter. Sorry.