The Adventures of a Part Time Professional Gypsy (and her ginormous teddy thing)

Monday, July 27, 2015

The Road to Townsville

It was hard work dragging myself out of the serenity of Agnes Water and 1770, but new adventures lay ahead!

In Rockhampton I finally returned to the tropics which made me so happy that I even closed my eyes for the celebratory picture.
Sadly the tropics also came with a cold front and I found myself facing more freezing cold tenty nights.

It didn´t take long though before I made some new friends to share breakfast with.

And then I met the first cycle tourer I´ve seen in Australia.
Peter just so happened to be going in the same direction and despite being a real cyclist (he even wears lycra), on a circum-cycligation, even (believe it or not) did the same daily averages as me 

It was awesome having a few days of cycle camaraderie, especially when my carrier broke and Austrian ingenuity (and wire and cable ties) saved the day.

The kilometers pedaled kept increasing and Cairns kept getting closer

Too close in fact, I had to start taking detours (and start stopping for more selfies)

The first sights and sounds of Airlie Beach made me feel quite at home

Outside Bowen I found (and licked) the Big Mango

And while the terrain turned harsh and arid, it was extraordinarily beautiful!

And then quite suddenly the road made me run into these too crazy souls: Joe and Josh are walking, yes, WALKING from Cairns to Melbourne. 
It´s always good to find people on a crazier mission than your own!
(find their ´`walk the Line`` facebook page)


No, I think cycling is about as slow as it gets for this Part Time Professional Gypsy!

I like having time to put my feet down

...or up

And even if there is that occasional (or frequent as it´s been of late) breakdown, it´s all part of the adventure!

Townsville has greeted me so warmly that I´ve delayed departure substantially!

Taking time off to explore (thanks to the excellent services of Fantasea) Magnetic Island.

There are a few more hills than my gears like on the island (I'm finally fit enough to tackle them, but I fear my gears - like my wheels - might be on their last legs)

No, bicycle gypsying is amazing.
Everyone should give it a try.

The last leg begins tomorrow and I hope the craziest adventures are yet to come@

 It´s the last leg and the final push, and if you haven´t done so already please don´t forget to get involved, donate and support

And then get out of the house and off your computer and go ride your bicycle!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Half Way!! Sunshine and Happinessness!

Miracles do happen!!! - The sun finally decided to make an appearance!!!
It had been so long without it that I struggled at first to recognise what it was...

The sunshine carried me through to Hervey Bay

And on to the middle of absolutely nowhere, camping on the side of the Bruce highway.

The road to Bundaburg was paved with cane plantations and roadkill.

But the town itself greeted me well!!! (Even if I couldn't find a Sunday roast)

I even lucked out and was adopted by this exceptional family for the night.
They fed me, showered me, and gave me a bed for a night. It's people like these that make the world a much happier place!!!

The sun continued to shine and at last I even began using the sunscreen I have carried for far too long!!

The terrain changed quite substantially as I pedaled the 130 km from Bundi to Agnes Waters (1770)

And even though Seventeen Seventy greeted me with a flat tyre, I can't think of a happier place to get stuck!

One tiny thorn can make a whole lot of difference!!!
With 1756+ Km behind me I am officially calling this the half way mark and have taken a few days off to soak up the beauty that is Australia!

Today marks one month on the road.
I have met some flipping awesome people, seen some incredible things, and found a lustre for life as a bicycle gypsy.

Apart from crocodiles, hills and very long stretches between things; I have no idea what lies ahead - but I really do look forward to the second half and hopefully it's even better than the first!

And hopefully the word is getting out there and people are realising the power of the bicycle...
Bikes can transform, improve, and even save lives so get involved - support, donate and be a part of something epic: