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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The World by Toilets : Perth

It does not matter if you are man or child or ware wolf or criminal or woman or heshe... at some point or another you will need the toilet. If you do not then this is pretty unhealthy and you really should see a doctor.

So, here begins a journey through the toilets of the world. We begin with Perth. A fairly cosmopolitan little city with a park the size of a small country that has no kangaroos and a pretty river that smells a lot.But the thing that impressed me the most so far is the Exeloo.

Yes they have normal toilets and the paper one likes to find accompanying; but the Exeloo is special. With one button the iron door slides open, music starts playing and a God-like voice welcomes you and informs you that you have a maximum of ten minutes to whatever it was you came for. It also makes you wander if there might be someone watching you. The classical tunes continue; either distracting you from what it was you came for or making your 'stay' more pleasant possibly lulling you to sleep. And as you finish up, in aid of personal hygiene, the toilet does not flush until you have washed your hands.

Obviously there are other things to see and do in Perth: buy expensive beers, eat an array of oriental foods, visit the zoo, visit the plethora of beautiful beaches, go gambling, explore the roofs of hotels, claim to be the queen, ride the free buses... but a visit is incomplete without the Exeloo - Try it - you never knew public toilets could be so Star Warsy!

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